Treasurer Kennedy Says Publishing Report on the Internet Saved State $5,000

BATON ROUGE, LA For the second year in a row, the Louisiana Department of the Treasury published its annual report on the Internet and distributed it to the Governor and Legislature via email, saving taxpayers close to $5,000 in printing and mailing costs, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy.

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We tried this for the first time last year, and it was such a success that we decided to continue it on a permanent basis, said Treasurer Kennedy. The total savings to taxpayers so far has been $10,000, and considering all of the documents we use in state government, imagine the savings we would see if all agencies moved in this direction.

The Treasurys 2001 Annual Summary on the Financial Condition of the State of Louisiana provides statistics about Louisianas economy, debt, budget, spending, credit rating and investments. The Department chose a patriotic theme for this years report and dedicated it to the men and women who gave their lives on September 11 and to those who continue to fight for the freedom of all U.S. citizens.

We did something a little different this year by using our annual report as a tribute to Americans affected by September 11, said Treasurer Kennedy. We want to dedicate the work we have done this past year and devote our work in the year ahead to the men and women who lost their lives and are giving their lives for the sake of freedom.

Other annual report highlights include updates about the Treasury’s anti-terrorism efforts in relation to public investments and information about new initiatives at the Treasury. The Department also gives information about improvements to its Web site including online claim forms for unclaimed property and online State Bond Commission agendas.

Publishing our annual report on the Internet is just one way we are using our Web site to provide better services to citizens at a lower cost, said Treasurer Kennedy. Citizens can now use the Internet to file claims for unclaimed property or pay for state services. Weve also developed an Internet auction house where banks can bid on state certificates of deposits. We even hold state bond sales completely online.

To access a copy of the Louisiana Department of the Treasury’s annual report, log on to

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