Treasurer Kennedy Says More Than 3,100 Louisiana Citizens Owed Money from Federal Government

BATON ROUGE, LA – The Treasury has posted the names of more than 3,100 Louisiana citizens who are owed more than $1.4 million in federal income tax refunds and child tax credits on, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy. Louisiana taxpayers can access the list by clicking Federal Unclaimed Property Information from the main unclaimed property search page.

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Income tax booklets and W-2s are in the mail, and now that you have taxes on your mind, it is the perfect time for you to check for an unclaimed refund, said Treasurer Kennedy. It is important for citizens to claim this money. After all, don’t they need it more than the government does?

Wrong addresses are the main cause of undelivered tax refunds. If an individual moves without a forwarding address, or if an address is not clear on a tax form, the refund goes back to the IRS.

Taxpayers who see their names on the IRS list on the Louisiana Department of the Treasury’s website should call the IRS toll-free hotline at 1-800-829-1040. The IRS will reissue a check for an undelivered refund once an individual updates his or her address. Citizens can claim checks for any child tax credits on the list once they file their tax returns this year.

In addition to checking for IRS refunds, I also encourage citizens to take a minute to search for other types of unclaimed property on our state website, said Treasurer Kennedy. We are holding more than $239 million in payroll checks, deposits and other types of unclaimed property, and it is important for us to return all of this money to its rightful owners.

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