Treasurer Kennedy Encourages Citizens to Use the Internet to Claim Refunds Online

BATON ROUGE, LA The State Treasury wants to return roughly 157,000 unclaimed state income tax refunds worth more than $7.6 million, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy. The refunds cover tax years 1987 to 2000 and range from a penny to more than $558,000.

A refund is about the only thing citizens look forward to when dealing with taxes, said Treasurer Kennedy. If government requires you to pay your taxes on time and in the correct amount, it should be held to the same standard when it has your money. Citizens can look for their state tax refunds using Treasury’s unclaimed property search page at The web site has an automatic claim feature where citizens can file for their money completely online. Chances are you need this money a lot more than government does, said Treasurer Kennedy. If you think you might be owed a refund, take a few seconds to check your name. Be sure to try different streets, towns and cities where you may have lived, because the money could be listed at an old address. Wrong addresses are the main cause of unclaimed state tax refunds. If an individual moves without a forwarding address, or if an address is not written clearly on a tax form, the refund will become unclaimed property.

For more information or to search for your unclaimed state tax refund, visit, or call the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division toll-free at 1-888-925-4127.

Sarah Mulhearn
(225) 342-0012