BATON ROUGE, LA – State Treasurer John Kennedy responded today to the ACLU’s criticism of his call for a stop-question-and-frisk program in New Orleans.

“I don’t think the ACLU understands what I’m saying,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “Stop-and-frisk was sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1968 in Terry v. Ohio. It’s legal. It’s also effective. Ask New York City. So long as it is not used in a racially-discriminatory manner, stop-question-and-frisk can help get the thugs, the dope and the illegal guns off our streets. The ACLU seems to think that it is impossible for the NOPD to use stop-and-frisk in a racially neutral manner. The ACLU seems to think every NOPD officer is a racist. I don’t. As State Treasurer, the people of New Orleans are my constituents, too. I care about their safety. I also have a duty to see that New Orleans thrives financially.

” In fiscal year 2013, Orleans Parish generated more than $300 million in sales and income taxes. The tax revenue helps support the state operating budget. Treasurer Kennedy oversees the state’s finances and ensures that agencies have enough cash flow to meet their expenses. He also chairs the State Bond Commission, which approves borrowing for New Orleans projects.

“People do not want to live in, come to or invest in a city in which they don’t feel safe,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “Crime is impacting economic activity in New Orleans, which in turn negatively impacts tax revenue. But the money part pales in comparison to the damage being done by criminals to the soul of New Orleans.”

Michelle Millhollon
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