Panel also approved more than $450,000 in savings

BATON ROUGE, LA – The State Bond Commission approved $23 million for projects statewide and saved taxpayers more than $450,000 at its Sept. 18 meeting, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy.

“We approved funding for public libraries, drinking water, 911 emergency telephone service and other important projects,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “We also saved money for taxpayers in Gretna.”

Among the individual projects approved were:

  • Calcasieu Parish, $1 million in Tax Anticipation Certificates for Recreation District No. 1, Ward 3: for maintaining and operating recreation facilities.
  • Jackson Parish, $400,000 Certificate of Indebtedness, Series 2014: for acquiring property for improvement and operation.
  • Webster Parish, $2.2 million in Certificate of Indebtedness for the Police Jury: for acquiring, constructing, improving, furnishing and equipping public libraries.
  • Homer, $3.6 million in Taxable Utility Revenue Bonds: for constructing and acquiring additions, extensions and improvements to its drinking water and distribution portion of the combined drinking water and wastewater treatment and disposal system, including but not limited to comprehensive improvements to its drinking water supply, treatment, distribution and storage facilities.
  • Evangeline Parish, $1,500,000 in Revenue Bonds for Communications District: for acquiring, constructing, improving, maintaining and/or operating an enhanced 911 emergency telephone system (including the payment of necessary personnel).
  • Jefferson Parish, $2.1 million in Drainage Revenue Bonds for Jefferson Parish Council, Consolidated Drainage District No. 2: for replacing discharge piping and installing energy efficient engines at Lake Cataouatche No. 1 Pumping Station.
  • Youngsville, $3.5 million in Sales Tax Bonds: for constructing and improving public streets and roads, including necessary drainage facilities.
  • St. Bernard Parish, $6 million in Hospital Revenue Bonds for Hospital Service District: for capital improvements, including purchasing an electronic health records system.
  • St. Helena Parish, $500,000 in Sales Tax Bonds for the St. Helena Parish School Board: for (1) acquiring, constructing and improving public school buildings and facilities, including acquisition of equipment and (2) funding a reserve fund, if required.
  • Grand Coteau, $150,000 in Limited Tax Bonds for: paying costs of constructing and acquiring improvements and renovations to the waterworks system.
  • Kentwood, $2.5 million in Certificates of Indebtedness, Series 2014: for financing improvements to the waterworks system.

Likewise, the commission approved more than $450,000 in savings for the city of Gretna by refinancing debt. The savings were:

  • Gretna, $7 million in Sales Tax Refunding Bonds: saving taxpayers $456,766.

The Louisiana State Bond Commission meets monthly to review and approve applications from parishes, municipalities, special taxing districts, and other political subdivisions of the State requesting authority to incur debt. For more information, visit

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