Treasurer John Kennedy Presents $12,000 Refund

BATON ROUGE, LA – State Treasurer John Kennedy issued a check for $12,348.99 to Bernard Ory of Pearl River and his brothers and sister for unclaimed property that had been owed to their deceased father.

His siblings include Michael Ory of Gretna, Margaret Ory Russ of Harvey, and Kenneth Ory and Roland Ory of New Orleans. They are the children of the late Denis Ory and Elizabeth Poche Ory of New Orleans.

Its always a good feeling to return property to the rightful owners. For this family, this refund takes on the added sentimental value of being an inheritance from their parents, said Treasurer Kennedy.

Under Kennedy’s management of the state’s Unclaimed Property program, more than $22 million has been returned to some 50,000 rightful owners and heirs. He managed the program for three years as the state’s Revenue Secretary, then the program was transferred by the State Legislature after Kennedy was elected State Treasurer.

Bernard Ory, who accepted the refund on behalf of his family, said a recently aired television news segment on the state’s Unclaimed Property program prompted him to check the State Treasury’s Internet web site for a possible claim listing.

I had visited the site about a year ago and found nothing. So I was quite surprised to learn that my fathers name was listed, and that the state was holding some of my family’s money, said Ory.

He noted that the refund was for oil royalties from property the family owned in St. James Parish. The company that had been drilling the site prior to his fathers death in 1992 sold its drilling rights to another company in 1996. Royalty payments had ceased in the early 1990s, but they resumed upon the new company’s action. The new drilling company apparently tried to forward royalty payments to Orys father, but was unsuccessful. So last year, the company forwarded the royalty payments to the state.

I guess it goes to prove that you never know when you might be in line for something good, said Ory.