BATON ROUGE, LA – The board of trustees for the Louisiana State Police Retirement System met last week to take action on seven legislative audit concerns, announced State Treasurer John Kennedy.

The board of trustees is working closely with Dr. Kyle, the Legislative Auditor, and his team to take care of these matters quickly and effectively, said Treasurer Kennedy, who is an ex-officio voting member of the board. The system is taking the necessary steps to correct these problems and will move forward without sacrificing any services to retirees.

Steps to address audit concerns include the boards decision to rescind annual and sick leave earned by the retirement systems executive director before appropriate leave policies and attendance records were in place. The board also voted to require the director to reimburse the system for all unjustified travel and meal expenses and to report several of the Legislative Auditors findings to the Ethics Commission for its review.

I am pleased that the board is moving to correct any deficiencies in the employment and personnel practices of the State Police Retirement System, said Sen. Lambert Boissiere, Chairman of the Senate Retirement Committee. Retirees should be assured that the board is acting in a responsible manner to protect their interests. It is important that retirees maintain confidence in the way the system is operated.

Colonel Terry C. Landry, Superintendent of State Police, agrees. As one of the members on the retirement board, I am pleased with the measures that we are taking to ensure that these conflicts don’t arise again.

These views were echoed by the newly appointed retirement board chairman, Captain Mickey McMorris, who stated that he is confident that the new procedures implemented by the board will ensure the continued integrity of the system.

The board has required retirement system staff to amend the proper forms with the IRS and Louisiana Department of Revenue to reflect the value of personal use of the systems vehicle. The retirement systems certified public accountant must also add a line item for overtime pay on the systems monthly financial report.

New procedures, policies and rules have been implemented to address and correct any shortcomings that the board has discovered, said Rep. Pete Schneider, Chairman of the House Committee on Retirement. The beneficiaries, participants and the public can rest assured that this board of trustees takes its fiduciary responsibilities seriously and will protect the systems assets diligently.

The Louisiana State Police Retirement System will continue to work on developing guidelines and policies for improving controls over expenditures. The board of trustees is also currently looking for a new executive director for the system.

Sarah Mulhearn, Communication Director
(225) 342-0012