In the big game of investments, it is not always easy being the little guy. Lets face it, a lot of times large companies have more of an advantage than smaller ones. They can compete for better rates of return on their money, and they have access to investment professionals to manage their portfolios.

How can public entities and local governments possibly compete against the strength and size of Fortune 500 companies? By leveling the playing field. The Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP) is doing just that, and is shedding a new light on public investments.

LAMP is a non-profit corporation that enables local officials to pool their money so they can get the same benefits as large investors. Instead of acting alone, public entities work together to benefit from competitive yields, lower fees, and investment management otherwise only available to big companies.

Local governments get the best of both the private and public sectors by using LAMP. It is efficient but at the same time protected by public policy. LAMP is an easy, safe and prudent cash management tool that continually earns the AAAm rating from Standard & Poors. This is the highest rating available to the organization.

LAMP currently has more than $1.1 billion under management and 410 participants. Municipalities, parish governments, school boards, levee boards, sheriff departments, district attorney offices, utility districts, local government units and other political subdivisions are eligible to enroll in the program.

To become a member of LAMP, log on to You can download an application online, get daily updates on LAMPs performance, and check the status of your account if you are already a member.

For additional information, contact the LAMP office toll-free at 1-800-249-LAMP or write to LAMP, 228 St. Charles Ave., Suite 1123, New Orleans, LA 70130. Give your public institution a fighting chance at the game of investments; join LAMP today!