Kennedy Says He Will Not Take $1 More Than Current Pay

BATON ROUGE, LA – The Legislature is scheduled to hear a revised pay raise plan for elected officials on April 21, and State Treasurer John Kennedy does not support the proposed measure to increase statewide elected officials pay to $114,016.

The pay raise increase in the new proposal is smaller than what was originally on the table for elected officials, but I still do not support it, said Treasurer Kennedy. I will not take a raise, even if its only $1 more than my current salary. I do not feel comfortable accepting more money when the state especially our healthcare system is facing a tight budget and so many people are out of work.

Kennedy cited additional reasons for not accepting a pay raise including the deal he made with voters when he was elected to take the State Treasurers position at $85,000. Kennedy also said his current salary is a small fortune for many Louisianians, and he noted that teachers, school workers and state employees are not receiving raises this year.

Sarah Mulhearn
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