The Treasury’s Investments Division manages over $5 billion in investments in over 30 portfolios. These funds range in size and include the funds that make up the state’s General Fund and state trust funds for health care, education and transportation. The Investments Division also manages the investments in the START college savings program.

The Central Depository Funds

The Central Depository account is the core of the state’s cash management program. It encompasses the flow of funds that make up the state’s General Fund. On any given day hundreds of millions of dollars can pass through the state’s Central Depository account and the Investment Division is tasked with managing that cash flow, investing it in short term securities to provide liquidity where and when needed.

The Kevin P. Reilly, Sr. Louisiana Education Quality Trust Fund (LEQTF)

The LEQTF was created in 1986 by an Act of the Louisiana Legislature and an amendment to the Louisiana Constitution passed by the citizens of Louisiana. Investment income generated by the fund is dedicated to the sole purpose of providing educational enrichment programs. The acts established as beneficiaries, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the Board of Regents (Regents). In addition, the acts also provided for the investment of these funds by the State Treasurer. The LEQTF was established with roughly $540 million and has grown to about $1.4 billion, while paying out more than $1.6 billion to Regents and BESE.

The Millennium Trust Fund

The Millennium Trust Fund was created by Act 1295 of the Regular Legislative Session of 1999 and established in the State Treasury as a special permanent trust fund. Act 1295 further created three special funds within the Millennium Trust. These funds are the Health Excellence Fund, the Education Excellence Fund, and the TOPS Fund. The funding for the Millennium Trust comes from the tobacco settlement proceeds as prescribed by the Master Settlement Agreement executed on November 23, 1998. It has grown to a balance of about $1.4 billion.

The Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly

The Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly was created as a permanent trust fund in the State Treasury by Act 143 of the 2000 First Extraordinary Legislative Session. The earnings and the principal in the fund are subject to appropriation as specifically provided for in the Act.

The Transportation Trust Fund

The Transportation Trust Fund was established in 1990, as a special permanent trust fund in the state treasury by a legislative act and the passage of an amendment to the Louisiana Constitution by the citizens of the State. The act allows the Louisiana State Bond Commission to issue and sell bonds, notes, or other obligations secured by gasoline and fuels tax revenues. The monies in the trust fund are used for construction and maintenance of state and federal roads and bridges, the Statewide Flood-Control Program, ports, airports, transit, state police traffic control projects, and the Parish Transportation Fund.

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