BATON ROUGE, LA. – Legislation to reduce the thousands of consulting contracts in state government will become law July 1 after a years-long push, according to State Treasurer John Kennedy. “This is a monumental achievement that will benefit taxpayers across Louisiana,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “Contracts for out-of-state consultants now will have to be vetted before the public. Like roaches scurrying away when the lights come on, the ridiculous contracts – and there are many of them – won’t be able to withstand public scrutiny.” House Bill 30 requires contracts totaling $40,000 or more for professional, personal and consulting services to be approved by the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget. Money set aside for contracts that are rejected will go into a fund for higher education. “State Rep. Dee Richard and I have been working on this legislation for years,” said Treasurer Kennedy. “The state has wasted enough money on out-of-state consultants. It’s time to banish the foolish contracts and spend that money on our true priorities such as higher education and health care.”

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