Act 17 of 2016 Legislative Session

Schedule 20 Cooperative Endeavor Agreement

Recipients of an appropriation under Act 17 of the 2016 Legislative Session must complete the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement form and the attachments.

The forms and general instructions are in Microsoft Word format and may be accessed by clicking on the following links:

(1) Cooperative Endeavor Agreement Forms and Attachments

(2) Instructions for Cooperative Endeavor Agreement and Attachments

The completed Cooperative Endeavor Agreement and attachments should be sent via email to:

Nicholas Boudreaux 225-219-0396

Two (2) originals of each signature page (Cooperative Endeavor Agreement signature page, Attachment E, Attachment E-1 applicable, Form W-9 and a Board Resolution if applicable) must be mailed to:

Louisiana State Treasury

Attn: Local Government Fund Management Division

P.O. Box 44154

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

If you are unable to access the forms or instructions you may contact Mr. Kenneth Comeaux at 225-342-3603