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Identity Theft

As State Treasurer, I am charged with protecting the state’s finances and your taxpayer dollars.  I also feel it is my responsibility to inform the public about ways citizens can protect their own assets.

One of the fastest growing threats is personal identity theft, and it can have a detrimental effect on individuals because of its negative impact on one’s credit history. Identity theft is the act of using personal information like a Social Security number, name or credit card number without permission to commit fraud or other crimes.

A major reason for the spike in identity theft is the use of the Internet for online purchases, banking and other financial activities. Examples of identity theft include:

-  Use of credit card numbers to make purchases or open new credit card accounts.

-  Use of a social security number for a variety of fraudulent activities like applying for a bank loan.

The Federal Trade Commission’s website offers excellent information on ways to protect yourself from identity theft and how to seek remediation if you are a victim of this crime. I’d like to thank the FTC for taking such a proactive stance on this issue and encourage you to visit this website for more information.

Federal Trade Commission – National Resource for Identity Theft

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